1. i saw this on fb earlier but i feel like tumblr will like it better 

    the video is key


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    Fear of Flowers Part 1

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  3. sandyfarquhar replied to your post “when the straight girl you are dating thinks that more men have more…”

    ???? are you dating a str8 girl you aiden you???

    i kno it’s too weird

    she’s so str8 that while watching the parent trap w her sister she texted me saying, “i just noticed this but…is it just me or are chessy and martin both kind of gay and then get married to each other?” 

    how does one function under these circumstances?! 


  4. when the straight girl you are dating thinks that more men have more emotional depth than women do. 


  5. i feel like i’ve reblogged this at least ten times before but it’s like…if i keep reblogging maybe it will come true

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  6. "I mean, it’s whatever."


    - Libra (zodiacsociety)


  7. elizabitchtaylor:

    Kyle MacLachlan in a pin-up from a Japanese fan magazine, early 1990s

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  9. tatterdemalionamberite:


    @WorstMuse is a relic of the human race

    This is reminding me of the wonderful Tough Guide to Fantasyland for some reason, with bonus social critique. 

    It’s like they are reading the minds of every cis boy writer at Sarah Lawrence.

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  10. you guys, trans things are happening at my all-girls middle/high school and i am v proud of them.


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    Morning light from inside my tent.

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  14. it’s okay everyone can hate me that’s fine i’m a horrible person the end.


  15. if there’s a prize for stupid mistakes i’m definitely winning it.