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    friends not food

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  4. ugh it’s like i’m constantly almost getting with people and then i don’t, or i don’t pursue them, or whatever, and then they go off to have very successful relationships with other people.


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    Aw, how cuuuute!

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    At comic con



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    How puppies help when you’re sick.

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  12. Inspired by this and this

    Write white women in British period dramas…?

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    Excited to share my photo shoot for chubbycartwheels! You can now customize any piece. I chose 3/4 sleeves for my sexy mesh body suit. 😏
    Want this look? Go to chubbycartwheels.com. Photos by Nicole Kondra Photography.

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  15. it’s just that every month for a few days all of the lies I have told myself are unveiled and I face the harsh reality that I will never be smart and will never be beautiful and no one will ever love me inside or out, especially not the people I love, and I will never amount to anything and will have no skills except for mediocre baking, and I will never be able to love people as much or as well as they deserve